GGACP Mini-Episode 90: Christmas Novelty Songs

On Gilbert and Frank’s Amazing Colossal Obsessions (aka mini-episode) #90, which went live on December 15, 2016, Gilbert Gottfried and Frank Santopadre cover novelty Christmas songs from the past along with their special guest, actor and comedian Mario Cantone. In addition to chipmunks and a donkey, a beagle also made an appearance (in the guise of a World War I flying ace), courtesy of this holiday classic by the Royal Guardsmen:

Click here to listen to GGACP Mini-Episode #90.

Edit 12/19/16: Mario Cantone is the guest on this week’s full-episode podcast; click on the link to hear the hilarity!

Gilbert and Frank have been kept very busy interviewing guests for Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, a brand-new episode of which is made available every week. Recent guests have ranged from Lee Grant to John Amos to Hal Linden. For an alphabetical list (along with the links to listen), please visit the Podcast Guests page on this blog.

Happy holidays!


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