GGACP Mini-Episode 74: One-Hit Wonders

Hello, fans of Gilbert Gottfried and his Amazing Colossal Podcast! After a short “hiatus” of one month (for your friendly blog owner to complete and publish a novel!), For the Love of Gottfried is back among the living with a post about a mini-episode which originally went online on August 25, 2016. One-Hit Wonders of 1970 continues the series of Obsessions by Gilbert Gottfried and co-host Frank Santopadre that focus on our favorite tunes from the 1960s and 1970s—specifically those by artists who did not make the national Top Forty charts before or since.

Below are videos of several songs that were discussed (and, in some cases, sung by Gilbert) during GGACP’s Mini-Episode #74. (If you haven’t yet listened to the episode, the last video in this post may surprise you … but, on the other hand, if you haven’t yet listened to the episode, what are you waiting for? Click on one of the links below!)

Mini-Episode #74 on

Mini-Episode #74 on Soundcloud


“Venus” – Shocking Blue:

“Spirit in the Sky” – Norman Greenbaum:

“House of the Rising Sun” – Frijid Pink:

“Reflections Of My Life” – Marmalade:

“Ride Captain Ride” – Blues Image:

“O-o-h Child” – The Five Stairsteps:

“In the Summertime” – Mungo Jerry

This mini-episode could easily have been subtitled “A Tribute to Tony Burrows,” for not one, not two, but four of the British singer’s recordings were mentioned in the podcast! Burrows had a good year in 1970, singing lead on the first two records below, and sharing lead vocals on the other two.

“Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)” – Edison Lighthouse:

“My Baby Loves Lovin'” – White Plains (LIVE version by lead singer Tony Burrows, 2004):

(The original recording can be heard by clicking  HERE.)

“United We Stand” – Brotherhood of Man:

In the original version of “Gimme Dat Ding,” Tony Burrows shared lead vocals with Roger Greenaway (Burrows did the low voice while Greenaway took the tenor part). The video below features Burrows with Susi Banzhaf, who sings the lines originally done by Greenaway.

“Gimme Dat Ding” – The Pipkins (LIVE version by Tony Burrows with Susi Banzhaf):

(The original recording can be heard by clicking HERE.)

The Burrows tunes weren’t the only ones that shared a common element—legendary Brill Building composer Jeff Barry co-wrote and produced both of the following tracks, by Robin McNamara and Bobby Bloom respectively. (A bit of self-promotion for this blog author, as I own and manage the websites for both Barry and McNamara!)

“Lay a Little Lovin’ On Me” – Robin McNamara:

“Montego Bay” – Bobby Bloom:

And, finally, an unexpected One-Hit Wonder from Ernie of Sesame Street!

“Rubber Duckie” – Ernie:




2 thoughts on “GGACP Mini-Episode 74: One-Hit Wonders

  1. This is a great accompaniment to the show (which is already well-supplemented by the Facebook page and so forth). I didn’t know until I saw the video embedded here that Bobby Bloom was white–I always pictured someone like Richie Havens when hearing that song. Looked him up to find his sad story. Died at twenty-eight years old. Boy, now that I think of it, thanks for totally bumming me out today…
    I look forward to checking this blog out again!


    • Hello and thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comments! Sorry it took me so long to respond (I have a day job and am sooo busy during the week—but fortunately I can listen to GGACP while at the office!). I’m so happy to hear that you find this blog a nice complement to Gilbert’s wonderful podcast. I’m hoping to be able to post more often as time goes on, because Gilbert and Frank’s efforts (along with those of Dara G and Frank V) deserve to be in the spotlight! Thanks again for dropping by and taking the time to post your thoughts.


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