About This Blog

I am taking this weekend off from posting on the blog in order to finish a book (writing, not reading!). Or does this count as a blog post? I imagine it does, so I’ve just made a liar out of myself. But it’s going to be a much more abbreviated post than usual; no references to specific GGACP episodes, no trivia, no videos; although I am including a pic that I took of Gilbert Gottfried at Side Splitters Comedy Club (Tampa, Florida) in October of last year.

Here are a few “fun facts” about this blog:

  1. For the Love of Gottfried is a fan blog run by me, Laura Pinto. If you’d like to learn more about me, please click on my name to visit my website. I’m a published author and I’ve got lots of websites, social-media pages and blogs, many related to oldies music, and all listed (and linked) on my main site. My sites and blogs haven’t been updated much in the past few months because I’ve been busy writing; but I plan to re-join the living very soon!
  2. For the Love of Gottfried is not an official Gilbert Gottfried product; the blog is not endorsed by Gilbert Gottfried or any members of his organization. Check out the disclaimer on the left sidebar; then, after you’re finished chuckling (I hope!), visit the About page for links to relevant websites and social-media pages for Gilbert, co-host Frank Santopadre and Nutmeg Post sound man Frank Verderosa.
  3. As of this writing, Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast has been “on the air” for a little over two years—the first episode, with Dick Cavett, appeared online on June 1, 2014—and has presented more than a hundred guests. For an alphabetical list (by first name) of podcast guests, please visit the Podcast Guests page. (This doesn’t include mini-episodes but there are links to a few notable ones at the bottom of that page.)

Thank you so much for visiting For the Love of Gottfried!



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