Sonny Fox on GGACP

This week’s guest on Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast is the legendary Sonny Fox, host of Wonderama. Click here to listen to this fantastic interview on the GGACP website.

Mr. Fox was a childhood fixture for many kids like me who grew up in the New York area during the 1960s. Sadly, much of the footage from the early days is lost to history, but there are a few gems that have survived the decades. For a glimpse into Mr. Fox’s multifaceted television career, check out the videos below, which include a behind-the-scenes segment from the Wonderama control room; Sonny hosting the $64,000 Challenge with jockey and art dealer Billy Pearson competing against Vincent Price; a visit to the studio of puppeteer Bil Baird; several Wonderama clips including an appearance by Senator Robert F. Kennedy; and a 2013 video featuring Sonny Fox and Paul Shaffer.


Sonny Fox TV – official website

Wonderama with Sonny Fox – Facebook group

Sonny Fox on Wikipedia

But You Made the Front Page: Wonderama, War, and a Whole Bunch of Life (Sonny’s book on Amazon)


A chat with Master Jim Morgan:

Wonderama Behind the Scenes:

Sonny Fox visits the studio of puppeteer Bil Baird:

Wonderama: Walking the Beat (c. 1966):

The $64,000 Challenge with contestants Billy Pearson and Vincent Price (c. 1956):

Senator Robert F. Kennedy visits Wonderama:

Sonny Fox and Paul Shaffer (2013):



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